Final Project


Project 8: Color Schemes

For this project, I wanted to work with complementary, monochromatic, and analogous colors. The colors I chose for complementary is dark green, light green, yellow and blue green. I think that the three colors ultiize the simultaneous ccontrast and mixing complements in the painting.  It was used as a compositional tool. For the Monochromatic color scheme, I used dark blue, regular blue, blue-green, and sky blue. The colors are utilized as a compositional tool by using the different blues to make a unique image. The analogous color scheme, I used red, orange, and dark red. The analogous painting is used as a compositional tool by mixing the colors and create a unique image so that those colors can blend in with one another. The things that were successful for this project is that I was able to mix different colors so that they can create lighter and dark colors depending on the color scheme. The things that were unsuccessful is being able to make the paint flat on the paper so that the paper does not crack. For example, analogous painting. The orange got mixed up with the dark red and it became a mess. Overall, I think i did pretty well with the other paintings. 

Project 3: Variation of Lines


For this project, I wanted to create a design that will allow the three lines to connect with each other and make a unique image. The project does present a focal point due to the big triangle that is near the center of the paper. I feel that the visual flow has been established because the other lines that are being presented are connected to the triangle from the bottom and the tip of it. The line characteristics I decided to choose is the active line, strong line, and straight lines. With those three characteristics, I was able to create a drawing that is well connected to each other and that is very unique to me. Overall, I think i did really well with this project and I feel like that the lines are being well presented.